Million Dollar Quartet - National Tour

A thrilling new musical that brings the story of four rock 'n' roll icons to life.

My Space: Find Out What Work Smells Like for Million Dollar Quartet Tour Star Ben Goddard

As rocker Jerry Lee Lewis in the national tour of Million Dollar Quartet, Ben Goddard gets some of the show's most raucous moments. The actor gets to perform such signature hits as “Great Balls of Fire” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.” When all is said and done, both Goddard’s piano and hands have taken a beating. Below, Goddard gives a tour of his dressing room where he rests between shows, and the five items he needs to stay ready to rock.

“Ricolas in my dressing room are necessary in a show where I’m screaming out rock 'n' roll.”

“While rehearsing the show in London, I lost three finger nails while smashing the piano. Since then, I've developed my own way of protecting my fingers, which includes wrapping the tips with tape and gluing false nails onto my thumbs and first two fingers on my right hand.”

“Drinking plenty of water keeps my voice hydrated. I drink three liters a day, including five bottles on stage (in vintage containers!) placed under the piano. It also helps to replace all the fluid I sweat out during the show, which is a lot!”

“I have a warm-up on my phone recorded for me by West End vocal coach Tom Pearce. I never travel anywhere without it, as it keeps my voice healthy. This is probably the most essential thing in my dressing room.”

“Transforming my hair into Jerry Lee hair every night is quite a task. My hair stylist spends 15 minutes curling, pulling, greasing and shaping it until Jerry Lee appears. I've used Black & White pomade in my hair for many productions prior to Quartet, so now the smell of it reminds me of work.”

See Goddard and the rest of the band when Million Dollar Quartet plays the Bass Concert Hall from April 9 through April 14.

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